Organising in BS5

BS5 Assembly

(or ‘BS5 admin group’, or ‘BS5 main group’, or ‘BS5 mutual meeting’….we still need to agree a name.)

Coordinates the running of the BS5 Mutual Aid group and holds regular meeting where collective decisions are made. Everyone is welcome to join. It is primarily made up of representatives from the street level groups.

Working Groups

Smaller working groups are formed to try and deal with a specific task, questions or issue more efficiently. They make proposals and report back to everyone at meetings of the organising group.

In BS5 Mutual Aid we have agreed to make all documents related to our planning and discussions publicly available. This helps to ensure that everyone has the same access to knowledge and can participate fully in all aspects of the group.

Don’t worry there is no need to read everything!  But if you are planning to attend a meeting, or you are interested in discussing any of the many things that we might try and do together, this is a good place to start.