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Bristol Community care leaflet March 2020 –…


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Resources offered in the Bristol Covid19 Community support group – itVZuPbaKF138s/edit#gid=0
Can do Bristol signup –…
Plan for food distribution from Baggator:…
Sign up sheet for crisis care volunteers –…
Sign up sheet for crisis care Package Delivery Service –…
Free online courses to do while self distancing –
Local crisis and prevention fund: emergency payments or household goods (council) –…
Care Direct – Bristol City Council – Adult Care and Health –
Crowdfunder for Herbalists Without Borders work in Calais and Dunkirk in response to Covid-19 –…
Info on National Food Service –
council coronavirus hotline –…


Autistic people and coronavirus –
Safeguarding for mutual aid networks –……/
Information Commisioner advice on data protection for community groups –
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Resources on consensus decision making (seeds for change) –
Global coronavirus stats (constantly updated) –
Coronavirus tech handbook –
*Solidarity funds: *
Setting up a solidarity fund (Solidarity economy association) –…
Solidarity not charity fund example fundraiser –
Make your own solidarity fund (by Leftist Memes for Vanguard Teens US) –…

Info on democratic confederalism

Democratic Confederalism in Kurdistan (Corporate Watch 2016) –
Corporate Watch democratic confederalism infographic (2016) –…
Video on Democratic Confederalism by Zagros –
Democratic Confederalism pamphlet (Abdullah Ocalan) –
Rojava Information Center – Report: The Political System of North and East Syria –


Housing support

We are a mutual aid group, set up to support people in our community – including those without homes.

  • Homeless people are being asked to contact St Mungo’s about accommodation on 0117407330 or email However St Mungo’s have cooperated with the Home Office in the past to deport homeless migrants with no papers.
  • Council Homelessness Prevention Team, 100 Temple Street, Bristol BS1 6AG. Public phone: 0117 352 6800
  • There are many reasons why homeless people might not want to contact St Mungo’s or the council, so we should listen to their requests for support in the same way that we would any other member of the community.
  • Homeless people can contact Bristol Housing Action Movement on 07833 100 399.
  • PRSC (Stokes Croft) is hosting a skill-sharing or self-help session for local rough-sleepers on Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm.
  • Streetlink – 0300 500 0914
  • We do have some group money which we can use in emergencies. If you need to request money for someone you can put a proposal on the BS5 group. Please refer to the BS5 decision making process at
  • 1625 Independent People – young homeless people
  • Julian House 0117 924 4604
  • Shelter 0344 515 1430
  • Spring of Hope night shelter (women only) 0117 330 1230 or 07531 389 711
  • Resources offered in the Bristol Covid19 Community support group – itVZuPbaKF138s/edit#gid=0

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Mental Health/Disability:

Domestic/ sexual abuse:

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