Coronavirus is affecting us all in different ways. Older people and people with medical conditions are most at risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus and are needing to stay home and avoid public places. Many people are losing their jobs, and people already disadvantaged by discrimination and oppression are being impacted more severely during this crisis. This is making daily life very difficult.

This fund will help cover the costs of practical support to those affected by coronavirus, such as providing food, accommodation and medication, particularly whilst people self-isolate. 

Our aim as a mutual aid group is not only to meet people’s needs during the coronavirus pandemic but to help create strong communities that can support each other long into the future. The end of the pandemic will not be the end of the crisis. The economic impacts will likely put our livelihoods, homes and health under threat for years to come.

The fund will also support projects that help BS5 communities become more resilient (e.g. food growing, childcare networks) and to cover costs of resources that allow our new networks to function (e.g. printers, bike trailers or fuel costs).

Unlike other funds, the solidarity fund will be directly controlled by the people who benefit from it. We are the experts, we know what we need and what needs to happen. Solidarity and mutual aid are about collective responsibility to each other as equals, not giving through an act of charity. With this fund, the money goes directly to the community who will democratically decide how the money is used.

Here’s our full document on how the fund will be managed: